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Every year, Baikal deep water BAIKAL430, the flagship brand of the BAIKALSEA Company, gives its customers an opportunity to win a trip to Lake Baikal. This permanent product loyalty programme has been in place for five years and opens Lake Baikal up to those who are lucky enough to win one of the coveted trips.

In November, the next group of winners was selected to go to Lake Baikal in 2022. They were:

Kraft, Elena (Moscow)

Paramoshina, Ekaterina (Moscow)

Jerikova, Julia (Moscow)

Egorov, Artyom (St. Petersburg)

Shupik, Julia (Moscow)

One of the winners, Ekaterina Paramoshina (@katepara) shares her emotions on Instagram: "...I still can’t believe it! I won a trip to Baikal! When I took part in the draw, I never thought I’d be so lucky – a trip to one of the most beautiful places in our beautiful country! Thanks to the most delicious water for this opportunity!"

Thanks to BAIKAL430, travellers can enjoy the famous, beautiful and iconic Olkhon Island. They’ll be able to take in Baikal’s "picture post card" landscape and the Shaman Rock with their very own eyes, drive across the Tazheran steppes in comfortable off-road vehicles, and take a ride on the picturesque Small Sea on a speedboat. The beauty and purity of Baikal leave no one indifferent.

The BAIKALSEA Company is a Russian producer of Baikal water in the premium segment. The company's flagship brand is the Baikal deep water "BAIKAL430". The company produces brands of water from artesian sources: "Baikal Pearl" natural water (BAIKAL PEARL), medicinal mineral water (BAIKAL RESERVE), as well as the Irkutsk region brand “Irkutsk Mineral Water".