The registration of the Appellation of origin for "Natural drinking deep water "Baikal"

On January 15th 2020 the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent)

has registered the Appellation of origin for “Natural drinking deep water”, as evidenced by the Certificate № 232/1 issued to BAIKALSEA Company JSC GC “More Baikal”. The Appellation of origin for any item can be registered only if the product manufactured in a specific location possesses unique qualities proper to it’s geographical position.

The Appellation of origin for “Natural drinking deep water” relates to Baikal water produced from the waters below 400 meters from the lake’s surface and 200 meters above the lake’s bed. Baikal water from these layers is homogeneous, germless, harmless and has ultra-fresh mineralization. BAIKALSEA Company has passed the registration procedure by proving that it sources the water from these specific layers of Lake Baikal.

The Appellation of origin is not a trade mark, and the Certificate received by BAIKALSEA Company doesn’t provide the company exclusive rights of use of the “Baikal” brand. In accordance with Article 1518 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, exclusive rights of use of the Appellation of origin with regard to previously registered names can be granted to any other company, producing such goods within the same geographical location and possessing the same unique qualities.

BAIKALSEA Company strongly believes that the development of the “Baikal” water brand will contribute to sustainable development of other brands in the Baikal region, the growth of export capacity and development of the economy of the Irkutsk region, the Republic of Buryatiya and of the country as a whole. The company welcomes all other legal Baikal deep water bottlers.

BAIKALSEA Company is a Russian manufacturer of Baikal water in the premium segment, a leading manufacturer of bottled water from artesian sources: natural water — BAIKAL PEARL, mineral sparkling water BAIKAL RESERVE, as well as deep Baikal water BAIKAL430.

The owner of BAIKALSEA Company is “Baikal Holding” LTD, Shelekhov, Irkutsk region.



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