The BAIKALSEA Company's official appeal

The BAIKALSEA Company sent an appeal to the Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, Mr. D. Kobylkin, Acting Governor of the Irkutsk Region, Mr. I. Kobzev, and the Head of the Republic of Buryatia, Mr. A. Tsydenov, on the need to stipulate amendments to the Law on the Protection of Lake Baikal regarding mandatory environmental expertise in the implementation of any type of economic activity on Lake Baikal:

“Our company is directly linked to Lake Baikal and, like many other companies, complies with all the requirements of environmental legislation for the protection of Lake Baikal.

According to the draft amendments to the Law on the Protection of Lake Baikal, the construction of facilities necessary to increase the throughput of the BAM and Transsib railway is permitted with tree felling, and an environmental impact assessment is not required for such facilities.

We support the economic development of the Baikal Territory and our country, however, we consistently oppose the abolition of mandatory environmental impact assessment in the implementation of any type of economic activity.

Any current economic effect will be offset by unpredictable consequences for the Baikal ecosystem if we allow the adoption of such a law. Uncontrolled economic activity is the worst thing that can happen to Lake Baikal.

We ask you to address the President of the Russian Federation with an appeal about the inadmissibility of adopting such a law. ”


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