Irkutsk citizens received gifts from mineral water Irkutskaya on the first day of 2018

On January 1 there was a New Year gift under the holiday tree for Irkutsk citizens and guests of the city in the shopping mall “Modniy Kvartal”.

By tradition, a team of mineral curative-table water “Irkutskaya” arranged a surprise for everyone who decided to go for a walk on the first day of the new year.
Every guest could get a bottle of “Irkutskaya” with a special anniversary design of the label absolutely free of charge and enjoy the sparkling bubbles of the mineral water that was loved from the childhood. Such an unexpected and pleasant gift was very useful to start a new year actively.
In 2018, the mineral curative- table water “Irkutskaya” celebrates its anniversary — 50 years.
“Irkutskaya” has been produced since 1968 and it is familiar to all generations of Irkutsk citizens and residents of the region. The image of the mineral curative- table water. “Irkutskaya” is strongly connected with the history of the city. It is one of the most favorite and recognizable brands in our region.

“New Year gift under the holiday tree for Irkutsk citizens” was a continuation of the good tradition of “Irkutskaya” to delight residents of the city with excellent special offers and positive mood.

Mineral water “Irkutskaya” wishes everyone health, excellent mood and well-being in New Year 2018!


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