Gold of the BAIKAL430 brand. Digital-competition TAGLINE AWARDS 2020-2021

BAIKALSEA Company's flagship brand - deep Baikal water BAIKAL430 won the Tagline Awards - a specialized digital competition in Russia in the category “Best Social Media FMCG Brand”.

Most well-known companies and brands are considered in the Tagline Awards competition, including Google, Yandex, Sberbank, Samsung, MTS, MegaFon, Beeline, Nestlé, S7, PepsiCo, Philips, Rostelecom, Mars, McDonald's, Adidas, X5 Retail Group, Yota, "M.Video", Toyota

and many others. The award is presented annually for the best innovative, interesting and high-quality projects that demonstrate the high level of Russian and Russian-speaking productions and in-house teams. The organizer of the contest is - a popular portal for ratings and reviews of the digital market.

The brand has been recognized for its social media content published in 2020. In particular, the Instagram account @BAIKAL430 took 5 awards at once. One gold, two silver and two bronze awards in the following nominations:

• Best Social Media of the FMCG Brand - Gold

• Best Native Advertising - Silver

• Best Text for Social Media - Silver

• Best Video Project - Bronze

• Best Campaign - Creative Created in 2 Weeks - Bronze

Engaging your audience in Social Media today is a challenging and extraordinary task. We've been able to offer users attention-grabbing content that follows fast-paced trends while maintaining a unique and consistent style. A style that emphasizes the eternal values of BAIKAL430: uniqueness, love, beauty, purity, life and health.

This was noted not only by the expert jury of the competition but also by the audience: all engagement indicators, from the number of views and reposts to enthusiastic comments, demonstrated impressive growth.

Roman Gvozdinsky, Marketing Director of BAIKALSEA Company: “We can say that we are generally neutral towards awards and competitions and do not set goals to win. Our goal is to convey the purity of the great Lake Baikal to every inhabitant of our country who cares about themselves and their health. We do not just satisfy the physiological need to quench thirst, we saturate the consumer aesthetically, on an emotional, sensual level. Baikal. Mysterious and unique, great and beautiful - the unchanging basis of the BAIKAL430 brand. But the fact that the results of our work are celebrated makes us very happy. "Best Social Media of the FMCG Brand" sounds Good."