CRPT (Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies) and BAIKALSEA Company will create a competence centre for labelling packaged water in the Siberian Federal District

The Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies and the manufacturer of bottled water BAIKALSEA Company will create a competence centre for labelling packaged water in the Siberian Federal District on the basis of the company's production complex in Irkutsk. A memorandum of cooperation was signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The document provides for the development of technologies and recommendations, informing consumers and participants in the experiment on water labelling, holding joint events and other forms of cooperation.

CRPT and BAIKALSEA Company will comprehensively prepare water producers of the Siberian Federal District for the introduction of labelling: provide consultations and clarifications, develop and distribute information for participants in the turnover, provide technical support to manufacturers and distributors.

Under the agreement, CRPT and BAIKALSEA Company will support the introduction and development of a labelling system to improve the quality of packaged water and legalize the market, develop technologies for informing consumers about the quality and composition of products, systematize mechanisms for identifying unscrupulous manufacturers, and also develop recommendations for participants in the turnover and regulators to improve the competitiveness of legal companies. In addition, the companies will inform the turnover participants about the work with the product traceability system and participate in seminars and conferences to communicate with the professional community.

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Chairman of the Board of Directors of CRPT Mikhail Dubin:

Experimentation and labelling are impossible without the involvement of manufacturers and industry professionals. We work closely with each industry that deals with labelling to create the most optimal solutions for participants in the turnover and effectively connect manufacturers to the system. Cooperation with BAIKALSEA Company in the field of water marking will also allow establishing communication with manufacturers, including those from the Siberian Federal District.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BAIKALSEA Company Maxim Surnin:

We expect the introduction of labelling to deliver the results the consumer expects. Will confirm the authenticity of the product and, as a result, its quality. We are convinced that it is necessary to introduce liability for violation of the guarantee of the authenticity of products. The dishonesty of the participants in the process, who declared the full compliance of their goods with all legislative norms, but in reality did not meet them, and received the label, should lead to the destruction of counterfeit products, serious fines and their removal from the market. At the same time, the very control of participants' bad faith and sanctions against them is a matter for the relevant state authorities. A conscientious enterprise in this case must rely on the work of the relevant government agencies and law enforcement agencies. In case of detection of a falsification, inform the Central Regional Development Center, Roskachestvo and other structures responsible for compliance with the law.


Photo: Roscongress