Believe in a dream with BAIKAL430! It has a nice feature - to come true

Many people want to visit Baikal. This is a childhood dream. BAIKAL430, a well-known brand of deep Baikal water in Russia, has been fulfilling this dream for many years - and is presenting a trip to Baikal for its customers. The winners of the Permanent Program "Travel to Baikal with BAIKAL430" are determined twice a year and get the opportunity to see the natural miracle of the great lake with their own eyes.

A new group of winners learned about their trip in November 2020. And already at the beginning of March - they found themselves in the winter fairy tale of Lake Baikal. “A trip to Lake Baikal is an incredible adventure, it is very beautiful and goes straight to the heart. Come to Baikal - it's an unbelievable beauty!" - Maria Yaschenko, one of the winners, shares her emotions.

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The tour program is designed so that in four days its participants can visit the most beautiful places on Olkhon Island, ride off-road vehicles on the Tazheran steppes, on a high-speed hovercraft - visit amazing ice grottos and caves erected by nature in the rocks of the Baikal coast. The purest ice of Lake Baikal, nature's monuments and places of power leave no one indifferent. Tour participant Alexander Bogodaev tells about his impression: “... I will definitely come back here and, perhaps, for a longer time. Nature creates the water that we drink, thanks to which we can continue to live."

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To become a member of the "Journey to Baikal with BAIKAL430" program and make your dream come true, you need to enter the codes for checking the authenticity of deep Baikal water, which are under the cap of each bottle, on the website You can also find out all the details of the regular program there.

A video of the winners' journey can be viewed here:

The BAIKALSEA Company is a Russian producer of the Baikal water in the premium segment, a leading producer of bottled water from artesian sources: the Baikal Pearl natural water, the Baikal Reserve mineral water, and the BAIKAL430 deep Baikal water.