BAIKALSEA Company has released a new product: natural water for children "Mika-Mika"

In September 2020, the BAIKALSEA Company presented a new product in its line: Mika-Mika natural water for children. This is water from the very heart of Siberia, which by nature contains a set of macro- and microelements necessary for a child, does not undergo additional processing to change the composition and fully complies with the most stringent quality and safety requirements.




In the Siberian taiga, not far from the Ushakovka River, the hydrogeologists of the BAIKALSEA Company have found a water source that is ideally suited for baby food. Thorough studies over several years have shown that the water is ready for use immediately, does not require any preparation and fully complies with the most stringent requirements of the legislation of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union.

The "Mika-Mika" natural water for children occupies a special place in the product line of the BAIKALSEA Company, has its own unique composition and is extracted from an artesian spring of the Dobrolet field in the Siberian taiga, not far from Lake Baikal.

Aerial view of the "Mika-Mika" field:


The main difference between Mika-Mika natural water for children is that it is recommended for babies from the first days of life. It is intended for use by children, cooking and rehydration of dry food products for children.

"Mika-Mika" is artesian and natural water. It is not subject to artificial cleaning and mineralization.

The current legislation in Russia establishes special, increased requirements for water made for children. It is forbidden to artificially mineralize baby water, it can only be of natural origin.

Unlike many bottled water certified for baby food, which is prepared by filtration and subsequent conditioning and mineralization, that is, artificially, natural water for children "Mika-Mika" has natural mineralization. It is this special water with an optimal composition of minerals that is recommended for children. Natural water not only quenches thirst but also heals the body, improving metabolic processes.

Mika-Mika is the most expensive Russian water for baby food. The recommended price for retail chains is 70 rubles for 0.5 litres, and 325 rubles for 5 litres. At the same time, Mika-Mika is significantly cheaper than foreign children's waters on the Russian market.

Extraction of artesian water "Mika-Mika" water from an underground deposit, completely protected from any impacts of civilization, guarantees its constant quality, safety and useful properties.

Natural water for children "Mika-Mika" is produced exclusively in non-carbonated form. Any preservatives, including carbon dioxide, are unacceptable in baby water. Compliance with this requirement is necessary for the water to be safe and healthy for babies.

"Mika-Mika" has a system for verifying the authenticity of each bottle, which guarantees protection against counterfeiting. Each bottle gets its own unique code on the label. By entering the code on the website, the buyer can verify the authenticity of the natural water for children "Mika-Mika".


As the general director of the BAIKALSEA Company Ruslan Kokovin notes: “...There are very few natural sources in the world whose water would comply with all legal norms. The "Mika-Mika" natural water for children is created by nature itself. We extract it far in the Siberian taiga, carefully pack it in compliance with the strictest standards and carry it thousands of kilometres from the place of production, which is located in Irkutsk. Compliance with all legal requirements, quality control during production, the use of modern hypoallergenic materials are important differences in the water we produce".

The BAIKALSEA Company is a Russian producer of the Baikal water in the premium segment, a leading producer of bottled water from artesian sources: the Baikal Pearl natural water, the Baikal Reserve mineral water, and the BAIKAL430 deep Baikal water.