BAIKALSEA Company has established a scholarship "Our Baikal" for talented students of Irkutsk State College of Art

For the students of Irkutsk Art College majoring in design it became possible to get a personal scholarship of BAIKALSEA Company “Our Baikal”. The scholarship competition is held annually.

Elena Andreeva, a second-year student at college, became the winner of the competition.


Calculation of the competition results happened at the production complex BAIKALSEA Company in Irkutsk, where students and teachers of the college were acquainted with the production process of natural Baikal water and learned a lot about the history of the company and the natural water brands produced by the company.

While handing out the award to the winner of the contest, the CEO of BAIKALSEA Company Ruslan Kokovin said, “It is very important for our company to have talented designers in the region and to help them grow. We contribute to the development of education in Siberia by establishing a scholarship “Our Baikal”.


BAIKALSEA Company is Russia’s producer of premium-segment Baikal water, a leading artesian bottled water producer: natural water BAIKAL PEARL, sparkling mineral water BAIKAL RESERVE, and deep Baikal water BAIKAL430.

The Irkutsk State Educational Art College is one of the oldest, well-known art educational institutions in Siberia, leading the training of professional artists. The school was founded in September 1910. Currently, most of the college teachers are members of the Artist’s Union of Russia, successfully exhibiting their art works. College graduates have been creating the artistic life of Irkutsk and Siberia for many years.