Baikal Pearl natural water - the official water of the XXVIII International Financial Congress 2019

The largest professional event in the financial sphere of Russia — the International Financial Congress — was held from 3rd to 5th July in St. Petersburg. Traditionally, the congress is attended by representatives from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and foreign regulators, international financial organisations, and major banks and professional associations in the financial markets, as well as recognised international and Russian experts. Overall, more than 1,200 participants and media representatives from Russia and 37 other countries attended the congress activities.


Within the congress framework, 2 plenary sessions, 43 business sessions and a business breakfast were held. The programme identified several thematic areas: monetary policy and macroeconomics, banks, insurance, collective investments, professional participants in the financial market, and microfinance. The key theme was “Financial markets: increasing complexity, maintaining sustainability”.

As a partner of the International Financial Congress in St. Petersburg, The BAIKALSEA Company provided participants with the natural water Baikal Pearl, which became the official water of the event.


The BAIKALSEA Company is a Russian producer of the Baikal water in the premium segment, a leading producer of bottled water from artesian sources: the Baikal Pearl natural water, the Baikal Reserve mineral water, and the BAIKAL430 deep Baikal water.