The BAIKALSEA Company is the first to complete preparations for bottled water labelling


The BAIKALSEA Company, one of the largest producers of bottled water in Russia, was the first to complete the preparation of its facilities for product labelling. On Thursday it was announced by the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT), which is the operator of the labelling.

"The BAIKALSEA Company became the first company to complete preparations for the bottled water labelling. This was facilitated by participation in the experiment, the responsible approach of the entire project team and company management, as well as constructive interaction with the state and the system operator ," the press office quotes Kirill Volkov, Head of CRPT’s Non-Acquisition commodity groups department.

The BAIKALSEA Company was one of the first in Eastern Siberia to join the experiment on water labelling, which began on April 1, 2020. The enterprise produces over 300 million litres of bottled water per year and supplies its products to major Russian retail chains.

The company chose two providers for labelling - TrekMark and Antares Vision. TrekMark equipped most of the lines of the enterprise, while Antares Vision installed equipment on the BAIKAL430 water filling line, where special ink will be used. Thanks to the implemented solutions, the defect rate on this line does not exceed, on average, two bottles per 10 thousand units of goods.

Right now, three months before the mandatory labelling begins, we have completed the preparatory work and are ready to release products with the “Honest Mark”. We have chosen a simple and convenient solution from TrekMark for most of the lines. The line for the production of our premium ultra-fresh water product BAIKAL430 was equipped by Antares Vision, where a solution using ultraviolet ink was implemented," the press office quotes Maxim Surnin, Chairman of the company's supervisory board as saying.

On September 1, 2021, the first stage of bottled water labelling began in Russia, which implies the registration of participants of the Honest Mark system. From December 1 onwards, bottled mineral water labelling is mandatory in Russia. As of March 1, 2022 other types of drinking water must be labelled, too.