The BAIKALSEA Company contributes to the conservation of the unique nature of Lake Baikal

Each summer, the BAIKALSEA Company holds an annual eco-campaign to collect plastic as part of its programme to reduce environmental impact, rewarding participants with stylish gifts. Thanks to these promotions, every year a significant number of empty plastic bottles are sent for recycling and given a second life.

This year, an eco-campaign by the BAIKALSEA Company’s leading regional brand - Irkutskaya mineral table water - is being held on the online store. As such, Irkutsk residents, in addition to being able to bring empty bottles to the plastic collection point near Trud stadium, have the option to simply hand them over to the courier of the online store. This initiative will continue after the end of the promotion, meaning that, from now on, customers will always be able to hand over empty plastic bottles to the courier of the online store to be recycled.   

As part of its contribution to the conservation of the nature of Lake Baikal, during the summer of 2021, the BAIKALSEA Company released a new product for the local market - the BAIKALSEA deep well Baikal water in a reusable container (18.9 litres), which reduces the turnover of products in disposable PET packaging. In addition, each year the company's employees carry out a clean up of the coast of Olkhon, removing plastic waste from the island.

Ruslan Kokovin, General Director of the BAIKALSEA Company highlights that "... by carrying out environmental campaigns, we follow the mission of the BAIKALSEA Company to take care of your health, delivering you the purest Baikal water and preserving Lake Baikal. All the company’s employees share the idea of preserving Lake Baikal for future generations. We want to set an example showing respect for nature and encouraging everyone to behave in an environmentally responsible manner."

The BAIKALSEA Company is a Russian producer of the Baikal water in the premium segment, a leading producer of bottled water from artesian sources: the Baikal Pearl natural water, the Baikal Reserve mineral water, and the BAIKAL430 deep Baikal water.