Being able to travel makes people happy!

The well-known Russian brand, BAIKAL430 deep Baikal water, gives just such an opportunity to its customers. In order to take part in the ongoing programme “Journey to Baikal with BAIKAL430”, you need to enter the codes for verifying the authenticity of the water on the website Those who have registered the largest number of codes get the chance to take a trip to the great lake. 

The pristine nature of Lake Baikal gives travellers an amazing feeling of strength and tranquillity, and fills them with a feeling of pure energy and happiness. Five new participants learned of their victory in April 2021, and come August they were experiencing the amazing energising effect of Lake Baikal. They conquered the vastness of the Tazheranskaya steppe in jeeps, raced on a boat to the islands of the Small Sea Strait, watched the sunsets on the legendary Olkhon, and tasted traditional Buryat dishes.

“All my life I dreamed of visiting Baikal. I never imagined that it would happen this way... I’m overcome with emotions! " - Vladimir Makogon, one of the winners of the programme, shares his feelings.

Another participant on the trip, Vyacheslav Komarov, describes his impressions of seeing the Lake Baikal in the following way: “You can feel the strong natural energy of this place. This is a unique natural phenomenon... I think I’ll come back again in the future!"

At the end of the trip, the group of winners visited the production complex of the BAIKALSEA Company, where they got acquainted with the latest technologies and the management system implemented in the company, ensuring the impeccable quality of the favourite brand BAIKAL430 deep Baikal water.


Video of the trip:

The BAIKALSEA Company is a Russian producer of the Baikal water in the premium segment, a leading producer of bottled water from artesian sources: the Baikal Pearl natural water, the Baikal Reserve mineral water, and the BAIKAL430 deep Baikal water.

Mission of BAIKALSEA Company: We care about your health, delivering you the purest Baikal water and preserving Lake Baikal.