5 more winners of the federal program "Journey to Lake Baikal with deep Baikal water BAIKAL 430" will go on a trip to Baikal Lake

At the end of November 5 winners of the annual program “Journey to Lake Baikal with deep Baikal water Baikal 430” were announced at the award ceremony in Moscow.

The lucky ones will go to the greatest lake on the planet next summer.
In March 2016, BAIKALSEA Company released deep Baikal water BAIKAL 430 to the market.
Since that time Baikal430 has become one of the most popular and sold products in the category “Water” in 250 cities in all federal subjects of the Russian Federation.
In order to guarantee authenticity of the product origin BAIKALSEA Company designed a verification system: a unique code is placed under a lid of every bottle; a consumer can enter it at www.baikalsea.com and receive a confirmation of presence (or absence) of the code in the manufacturer data base. More than 227 thousand people have already used this authenticity verification system.

Beside this, code registration allows you to participate in the ongoing program ‘Journey to Baikal’ and to win the tour. The program of the trip is designed by the partner of our program Grand Baikal, the leading tour operator of the Baikal region. Selection and rewarding of winner take place twice a year. The winners of November 2017 are:

1. Andrey Andrianov, Vidnoe 
2. Natalia Barabanova, Odincovo
3. Anastasia Matveeva, Moscow
4. Lubov’ Hlopkova, Moscow
5. Leonid Kozlov, Moscow

The itinerary includes a flight; accommodation in one of the best hotels of the city,which is the member of GOST HOTEL Management Company, excursion to Baikal, and visiting the production complex of BAIKALSEA Company, a producer of deep Baikal water BAIKAL430.

To become a participant of the program and to get a chance to win a journey to the greatest lake in the world is easy: you only have to register a code that is placed under a lid of deep Baikal water BAIKAL430 bottle at www.baikalwater.ru. Winners will be chosen among those who will register the largest number of codes. You can find more details at www.baikal430.ru.

About the companies:

BAIKALSEA Company is Russia’s producer of premium-segment Baikal water, a leading artesian bottled water producer: natural water BAIKAL PEARL, sparkling mineral water BAIKAL RESERVE, and deep Baikal water BAIKAL430.

The highest production culture of BAIKALSEA Company provides opportunity to deliver the quality and taste of Baikal water to everyone.

GOST HOTEL Management Company is a Russian management company with a team of professionals in hospitability and hotel management. It provides complex service: from concept design to effective hotel management.

GOST HOTEL Management Company specializes in professional management of city hotels, hotel complexes of business to premium class, and health resorts. Russian hospitability traditions along with high operational and management potential ensure high standards of service for our guests.

The management is implemented on behalf of GOST Luxury Club, GOST Travel Club, “Russian Resorts”, and “Russian Hotels” brands. Today there are 27 objects in Russia and Austria are in the possession and management of the company.

Deep Baikal water BAIKAL430.
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