BAIKALSEA Company takes another step in preserving the nature of Lake Baikal - it reduces the turnover of products in disposable PET packaging


Continuing to reduce the load on nature, we have released a new product from BAIKALSEA Company - deep Baikal water BAIKALSEA (18.9 litres). Now our customers will be able to get the purest Baikal water in a reusable container, without buying any packaging at all.

At the first stage, in the 2021 season, we plan to enter the large format market and introduce the Buyer to our new product. Further, in the season of 2022, we plan to withdraw SKU 0.45 litres BAIKAL430 from circulation in Irkutsk. Thus, we will significantly reduce the load on the nature of the Baikal territory, replacing the disposable packaging with reusable ones. BAIKALSEA Co is making this step consistently following its Mission - to preserve Lake Baikal. It is on Baikal that all our main ecological activities are concentrated.

Deep Baikal water BAIKALSEA - with a volume of 18.9 litres only for the local market - for everyone who lives on Lake Baikal and Irkutsk. The main sales channel for deep Baikal water BAIKALSEA will be the online store, providing the convenience of ordering and a high level of service upon delivery to customers.

Bottles of deep Baikal water BAIKALSEA are deep blue, showing Baikal's deep blue colour.

Each bottle is embossing with the logo and mission of BAIKALSEA Company: We care about your health, delivering you the purest Baikal water and preserving Lake Baikal.


The label includes a holographic sticker with the BSCo logo, which provides additional protection against counterfeiting and emphasizes premium quality.

baikalsea 18,9_3.jpg

BAIKALSEA water bottles are containers of a reusable cycle of use, which allows you to completely eliminate the environmental burden on the nature of Lake Baikal.

Polycarbonate - the polymer from which reusable bottles are made, does not interact with water, poorly transmits ultraviolet light, withstands temperature changes, is several times stronger than glass. After use, such a container is sent to the plant, where it undergoes a full range of purification, and the water is bottled into it again.

Each bottle has a certain number of reuse cycles. At their end, the bottle is sent for processing.

Thus, residents of the Baikal region get the opportunity to drink deep natural Baikal water, contributing to the preservation of Baikal with the purchase of each bottle.

Each buyer of Baikal deep water BAIKALSEA makes a choice in favor of safe reusable containers and makes his own contribution to the preservation of the nature of Lake Baikal.

Our buyers are those who are not indifferent to the fate of the great lake:

- Residents of Irkutsk, the Baikal region, who care about their health, strive to receive the highest quality product with an excellent level of service, are not indifferent to Lake Baikal and are ready to make their contribution to the preservation of its nature;

- Representatives of enterprises and organizations, of any form of ownership, who care about their status and reputation, about the health of their employees, guests and partners, providing them with water of the highest quality, appreciating the high level of service for ordering and delivering large format water to offices.


The BAIKALSEA Company logo is applied on both sides of the bottle in such a way as to be readable both during direct and reverse installation.

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Deep Baikal water BAIKALSEA can be used in standard coolers, it is also possible to use mechanical and electronic pumps, which makes it convenient for home and office.

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For the first 100 buyers of BAIKALSEA Deep Baikal water, who ordered delivery on the website of the online store, we prepared electric pumps as a gift, providing an opportunity to immediately try out a new product with maximum convenience.